Something more about Dentistry

A dentist is not only, a medical professional but an Engineer as well. And that's what makes dentistry a unique field.

Over the years, dentistry has been evolved, technology wise, and in terms of the quality of treatment.
As during the course of time it has changed from native dental practice to now dental implants. Implantology is the new added department of dentistry. And like implants, dentistry has progressed in each and every department. The evolution of dentistry has also helped the evolution of root canal treatment.

The quality of the dental materials has also improved with time and has immensely, contributed to the progress of the dental treatment. And the technology in terms of the quality of dental chairs has also increased. X-Rays are now called RVG's (RadioVisioGraphy). It's the digital form of Dental X-Ray's.

Dental braces have also changed from the conventional ones to the invisible braces, now.

The materials used in the dental disposables department has also changed and more improved.

Dentistry has indeed come a really long way from the 19th century and before to the 21st century and beyond.


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