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Sunday, January 13, 2013

Gum Disease During Pregnancy May Stem from Higher Estrogen Levels

There may be a clear reason why there as an increase in gum disease risk for pregnant women: higher estrogen levels.

A research team recently concluded that women are at increased risk of gum disease when estrogen levels are raised. Regardless of trimester, the study found pregnant women are at a higher risk for gum disease based on estrogen levels.

The increased risk of developing gum disease for pregnant women is not a new fact. The impact of estrogen, however, on gum disease risk was is still a relatively unknown factor. This University of Helsinki study explored the possible impact of hormones on gum disease.

If proven to be definitively true, this information could be vital in the way pregnant women are treated regarding their oral health. It’s even more essential for pregnant women to visit the dentist regularly compared to everyone else.

If gum disease persists in a pregnant woman, the results could be disastrous, with issues like premature birth and complications during labor, among others.

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  1. This is very true and that's why pregnant women needs more nutrients than those women who are not pregnant. Most likely, pregnant women suffers from zinc deficiency and the effect could lead to a weak immune system for them.